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Dr. Sunidhi


Dr. Sunidhi joined as the Principal of Govt. College for Girls College, Nacholi, Faridabad on July 3rd 2020. Before that she was working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry (February 2015 - December 2019) and was the officiating Principal of Pt. JLN Govt. College, Faridabad (December 2019 - June 2020). She began her teaching career in March 1990 when she joined as a Lecturer in Chemistry at Govt. College, Bhiwani. After 12 years at GC Bhiwani, she got posted to Govt. College, Karnal where she put in another 13 years of distinguished service before moving onto Pt. JLN Govt. College, Faridabad in the year 2015. She got her promotion as Principal from this college in June 2020 and is currently heading GCG, Nacholi. In her 31 years of experience as an academician and researcher, she has been deeply involved in teaching, research, training and capacity building of the students. She is totally focused and committed towards advancing gender equality, and empowerment of female students through holistic education. She is actively involved in organizing and managing various training programs and offers her supportive supervision to all her students in various activities conducted in the college. She aims for an overall development of both students and staff and hence lays great emphasis on the learning of both life-skills and soft skills. As Principal at GCG Nacholi, she dreams to cultivate the young minds to explore, innovate, learn and grow with each experience in life. Like she always tells her students, “Remember, life is all about taking chances, trying new things, having fun, making mistakes, course correction and learning from each mistake which will make you the person you turn out to be”. Dr. Sunidhi is an extremely warm, approachable, optimistic and a self-disciplined person, who is deeply committed to her job and always strives for perfection.