1. While seeking admission, should we give preference to course or college?

Ans: If you have a very clear preference for a subject/discipline, choose discipline over college. However, in case you are still exploring your interests and if you want to pursue other interests besides studies, choose a college on the basis of the opportunities and the environment they offer.

2. Are B.A. Programme and B.A. Honours different?

Ans: Yes, these courses are different. B.A. Programme is a more general course where a set of disciplines/subjects are studied with an equal weightage. It does not lead to specialization in a particular subject. On the other hand, B.A. Honours is a course which focuses on one discipline/ subject only. A student enrolled for a B. A. Honours in a discipline studies 18 papers (14 core papers + 4 optional papers) of that particular discipline over 3 years.

3. How do we select subjects in B.A. Programme?

Ans: There would be a combination of subjects which are offered by each college. You have to choose from those combinations and study them for the next three years.

Following combinations are available in our college :

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Political Science
  • History

Is English compulsory for B. A. Programme?

  • Ans: Yes, English is a compulsory language course. You have to study two languages as a part of the B.A. Programme: English and one Indian language, in the first and second years (i.e, over two semesters). For example, if you choose English and Hindi, you would be doing one paper each of both the languages in the first two years. In practice this means one language paper per semester.